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Lyrics and Music by Mary Sandvig
Recorded by Screen Door Productions under direction of Brad Engelby and Deb O’Brien

Main Vocals: Kira Thye
Other Vocals: Andi Owen Brad Engelby Andy Sandvig Mary Sandvig

Keyboard/Synth: Tim Schultz
Percussion: Mary Sandvig

Video Directed By: James Phillips

Main Character: Sheri Geib

Crying Baby: Louis Phillips

Kelly Trave
Danny Trave
Ellen Corwin
Chuck Corwin
Kathi Sircy
David Wright
Cece Arnold
Ed Arnold
Denise Wadle
Joe Mastous
Madeline Phillips
Eve Shonts
Chris Hearn

Diner Crew:
Andrew Sandvig
John Trave

Church Crew:Church Kids: Bella Phillips
Grace Sandvig
Harmony Sandvig
Church Choir:
Jerry Rupiper
Joe Rupiper
Martha Stout
Tom Simons
Pat Simons
Amy Schreck
Scott Sibbel
Reen Rupiper
Marilyn Dopheide
Bernice Williams
Esta Behrens
Alice Rupiper
Martha Sibbel (piano)

Andy Sandvig
John Trave
Joel Pawletzki
Gina Daniel
Kirsten Daniel
Selena Daniel
Emily Daniel
Leo Sibenaller

Special Thanks to:
Tavern II Pizza in West Des Moines, IA
Holy Angels Catholic Church in Roselle, IA
Intentional Eucharistic Community in Des Moines, IA


I was searching for a song that spoke a true meaning of Baptism to me as I was preparing my children for baptism. I couldn’t find anything I really wanted so I decided to try to write a song. I struggled to write it until one day we were taking a trip in the car. The wind was blowing through the sunroof and it called out the melody of a song that was written in the song Holy Water. That was in early 2012. I was encouraged to record the song so I thought I would call upon my talented friends to help me accomplish what I thought would be a simple task. After countless hours of the dedicated work of many friends and family, we are able to present to you the video and music of Holy Water. Please enjoy. Peace and Love. Mary