About Us

ChurchAngels Forever Inc. was set up as a non-profit corporation, organized under 501 (C) (3) of the code of the great state of Iowa.Our annual meeting is held the 1st Wednesday of April each year and all are welcome to attend. Holy Angels Chuch is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Current Board members are:

  • Tom Simons - President (Officer)
  • Kevin Schreck - Vice President (Officer)
  • Cindy Jorgensen - Secretary (Officer)
  • Russ Riesenberg - Treasurer (Officer)
  • Marilyn Dopheide
  • Henry Riesenberg
  • Keith Rupiper
  • Nate Stangl

The sole purpose of this corporation is to assist in maintaining and preserving the church building, its history, and care for the parish cemetery and grounds. With this statement, the mission of t is as clear today as it was nearly 20 years ago. The only thing that has dramatically changed since its creation date is that the critical needs have substantially increased.

Over the years, Angels Forever Inc. has assisted in numerous projects for the good of the parish, preservation of the church building, cemetery and its grounds. A few of the projects undertook and completed were:

  • Replaced the carpet in the Church
    Newly-built entrance arch to the cemetary located north of Holy Angels Church in Roselle. The pyramid shaped arch mimics the arch visible on the north side of the church in the background.
  • Repainted the wood around the doors
  • Built garage/storage/meeting building
  • Installed air conditioning and replaced furnace
  • New door on basement steps
  • Added lights in back of Church for funeral visitations
  • Repainted Visitation area and cry room
  • Repair tombstones in the Cemetery
  • Numerous other projects…

It is through the generosity of its donors by their monetary contributions made, the volunteers who fully understand the purpose in which services are provided and by the grace of God, that we faithfully continue on its mission.